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What are the costs for one session?

The costs for one session are 39,95€ (except for Tuesdays: 29,95€) per person. You can choose to accumulate sessions.

Who can or can't play?

Our standard rules are listed below. Please take note of their content and feel free to contact us if there are any questions concerning those rules.

  • People with vision in one eye can play.
  • Most experiences are accessible starting from the age of 13. Every minor under the age of 16 years has to be accompanied by an adult and have a parental authorization.
  • People under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to play. There will be no reimbursement or in-store credit.
  • You have to be able to move without assistance for an hour while being able to use both of your hands.

For security reasons, people having the following disabilities/conditions can not play:

  • Epilepsy or other epileptic conditions
  • Severe hearing loss
  • Broken limb
  • Wheelchair users

Our experiences are not recommended to people having the following disabilities/conditions:

  • Cardiac problems
  • Pregnant women

What should I wear?

As it is a physical activity, be sure to wear comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes ( no high heels). We suggest not wearing mascara as it may come in contact with the lenses and negatively impact your experience.

Can i wear glasses?

The VR headsets will not fit most frames due to the limited space between your eyes and lenses.  We recommend wearing contact lenses instead to ensure the best possible experience.

Is it possible to hit a wall?

No. We have security mechanisms inside of the games and a Game Master who is there to avoid any collision with the walls.

How long does one session take?

One Session at ZERO LATENCY Luxembourg starts with a registration, followed by a briefing and gearing up with our Game Master. You will then enter full immersion for 30 minutes. Once your immersion has finished you will be debriefed and take off your gaming gear.

The whole experience at ZERO LATENCY Luxembourg will last about one hour.

How many people can play simultaneously?

The maximum capacity per Session is 8 people. But it is possible to organize continuous sessions for bigger groups.

Can this experience provoke virtual reality sickness?

Every part of our system is designed to allow an immersive experience without motion sickness which is generally associated with virtual reality systems.

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