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VR in Free-roam

At one moment you live in your world, the next moment you’re lost in ours. You know that you’re only visiting but your spirit is convinced of the contrary. Your heart is pounding, the adrenaline spikes and you try to convince yourself that these worlds aren’t real, but your emotions are. Only a short moment is enough to enter a world that will forever shock you.

Grab your VR Headset because you and your friends are about to enter a virtual world. Our immersive experiences will transport you and your friends into space, futuristic arenas, and dreamlike worlds using highly modern technology. Once inside, you’re free to move and explore as you wish without being held by cables or weighed down by a backpack.

What to expect, preview in video

safety and hygiene are our priority.

Playing it safe

At ZERO LATENCY Luxembourg, the safety of our customers and our team is a priority. We have implemented an increased disinfection process to ensure you have a safe experience. Cleaning and sanitizing measures are in place to keep our entertainment venue safe, clean and enjoyable.

Frequent cleaning of sanitary facilities, counters and common areas.

Provision of hand sanitizer for your use.

Disinfection of all our VR equipment after each use.

Our team washes and disinfects hands between each group.

VR hardware for free roaming.



Live through reality altering graphic details with our brand-new 5K quality HTC Vive Focus 3 VR Headset. Enjoy crystal clear audio for 3D spatial sound and clear team communication.


Designed to fully-immerse you in the gaming experience, giving you pinpoint accuracy to interact with the virtual world.

Ready to get started?

Explaining the concept is difficult but on the other hand it is easy to live with.
Come and try it, you will not be disappointed!